Friday, April 30, 2010

Someone is waiting....

Someone is waiting......

A drift from the real to virtual...
Introducing me to a new world,
Opening up of new horizons...
New set of people, activities…..

Attracted by the novelty offered,
Admiring and exploring its beauty,
I travel deeper...

A tool to get rid of my boredom,
Keeping me engaged and mind occupied,
Allowing to escape the fear of loneliness..

Oopps! Gone is my joy of Aloneness,
Joy of being with myself!!

Slowly… trapped in the net..
Absorbed into the virtuality,
Far away from reality,

I am lost……

….Someone out there still waiting
For me to return…

(For OSI : Waiting)


  1. yes, it is sooo easy to get trapped in the process and forget the purpose......

    You are lucky, someone is still waiting !

  2. Yes, one gets badly hooked & balance of life is lost...

    Good u have put it in words.

  3. It hit me straight!
    I would prefer to be a visitor, not a resident of the virtual world.

    Thank you.God bless you.

  4. thoughtful words...well said!!

  5. And that virtuality brings you to us at OSI! and I feel so lucky!!

  6. You totally described my present existence - for better or worse.....Loved it