Monday, April 18, 2011



Walls created by herself,

Of notions and fears unknown,

Confined into a shell of her own...

With a shrunken heart and chained spirit,

Feeling helpless and doomed,

Seeing nothing but darkness around...

Waiting for someone,

To open the door


Set her free…..

Will she be able to find the key??

Will she ever see the light??


Hold herself back only to perish!


OSI Prompt: Shackles


  1. she will have to help herself to find a way to get out of it, the key is within her....hope she will see the light.

  2. Hope will show the light; I know that to be true, one of my friends has such fears too, and she just believes she can get out of it, so she will do it :) you truly wrote on shackles, a lovely poem.

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  3. Prema.. I am surprised...yesterday I saw your link..posted my comment...and your link vanished..I don't know waht.. and now I find my comment at serial no. 1 here written as Pru.. what's that.. God knows.. that was my comment you putting it here again..

    she will have to help herself to find a way to get out of it, the key is within her....hope she will see the light.

    Delete the first comment..I suggest..

  4. Rameshji,thank you for visiting again.
    Yesterday's comment was little elaborate though expressing similar thoughts.I do not know how to publish it from my dashboard.
    Thanks again.

  5. Oh how sad. I hope she gets strong and breaks out. I love the image with this.

  6. Nice imagery, but so sad. Sometimes, it is indeed our own shackles keeping us trapped. Thanks for sharing.

  7. She will find the key....soon. For now she knows she only can do it.

    Well expressed. Picture goes well with the poem.

  8. I pray she will be able to set herself free. It is possible to slowly find her liberation. Beautiful poem.

  9. Oh I hope she finds that key and can set herself free!! Lovely poem~

  10. You have me thinking of all the waiting I have done over the years, all the times I have decided to stay stuck. Well-written poem. Thanks.

  11. Of course she shall see the light.
    As every one of us has to.

  12. your inner space has expanded the vistas of our
    micro universe-jv

  13. traditions that make a difference...interesting lines!

  14. Wonderful imagery. Almost felt compelled to just go near and snap my finger to set her free from her prison

  15. Day light always follow after dark night. She will see it and rejoice in it.