Sunday, August 14, 2011



They fought, they abused,
Violent …they hit, they pushed,
…They fell apart….

A deep silence in the air…
…A silence so noisy
…A silence so haunting
…A silence so deadly

Gasping for breath…. they heard their hearts speak,
…They came closer, no words to speak…

They held their hands, they hugged,
Tender… they loved, they kissed,
…They lay apart…. 

A deep silence in the air …
… A silence so peaceful
…A silence so wanting
…A silence so lively

Smiling in sigh…, they felt their soul speak,
… As Stillness endure…


A Silent Whisper…

Her soft cosy whisper
Gentle but clear
To drop his noisy fear!



  1. Two different silence, so well rendered in the poem.

    And Haiku is superb. A soothing whisper is all needed to calm a troubled mind, many times.

  2. The first one is sweet reconciliation and silence of joy.

    Second one : Lovely haiku ~

  3. silence fills...beautiful!!

  4. kudos for the poem !! Its lovely .. oopss thats a small word for the exceptional poem .. I loved it <3..and haiku, will agree to Harshad. your few words have made me ponder over few things .. Reading your poem again ..

  5. Wow! I felt the intensity all throughout this! "a silence so noisy" moments like this are hard to forget, this is a fantastic piece!

  6. Beautiful and real. I wish my own life worked out this way. Enough to know it is possible.

  7. I'm glad to read the positive and happy ending. You've taken us on a word journey here my dear. Well done with this prompt!

    Hugs, G

  8. This is very good interpretation.. yes silence can mean different..

  9. Silence portrayed distinctly well,dear.
    Deep Silence gets into me as I go through it again and again.
    Its joy reading you...

  10. Loved the poem which ended so positively!! The second is soft and gentle, very soothing!! Yes and fear can cause a cacophony in the restless mind!!

  11. beautiful description of silence !!
    Sometimes it is very painful and that abominable lull is very disheartening, but sometimes we need silence for self improvement and introspection.

    Nice read !!

  12. Such beautiful interpretations of silence- your first poem is so true! Silence comes in so many different disguises and I am so glad in the way that poem ended.

  13. wow! no words to describe! how beautifully have you contrasted "silence"
    hats off!

  14. That was a god read!! Love the ending!!