Tuesday, November 6, 2012


                                                             a Prayer...

A lovely campus, close to their house.
A beautiful evening, to walk along...

The green grass, tall trees,
Chirping birds fluttering wings,
And a clear blue sky….

Cool gentle breeze
Caressing them,
They sat under a tree
Watching the sun set….

An aura so beautiful, so divine...

She turned unto him…her lips smiling,
He was smiling too!

…Her heart prayed
“Fill within us your light of love, as you go down…
And refill again with much more of it, as you return…”
Oh, with Your every Rise and Set,
More shall we grow in love & peace…!

“Today the sky is painted with saffron for long”, he whispered.

Love felt in the air around,
Fingers holding each other,
They sat there still…

… Moon gently floating in from other side …