Sunday, July 24, 2011

An Encounter with Peace

                                                                             Needs satisfied…

Needs…. Needs….
Needs….and Needs….
This….. That……..
This way…..That way…..
This much…..and That much
Oh………… Never Enough!

Tired of seeking
Gasping for breath
Gave up…
Sat down …..
For a rest pause!

The pause not only gave rest,
But also peace and a new direction.
Leading to the silence deep within
‘What was never sought for!’

Seeking stopped...!


PS: Having truth revealed upon, I smiled and the Seeker in me smiled back, waving his hand faded out slowly. He shows off at times but only to disappear into the Silence once again!! 

For OSI prompt : Need


  1. Very nice.. I liked it.. finally we all need to stop and take a pause...and give a chance to silence so that we can flow..and fly and enjoy freedom.. good one.. thanks for a very nice inspire to keep thinking..

  2. Needs can be enigmatic sylphs that need a little flying time!

  3. Beautifully develops to the silent pause of inner peace from a mad rush.

  4. thoughtful....beautiful ..!

  5. Thanks for the inspiration for this week's OSI Prema. Beautiful poem. We should remain in a state of peace instead of chasing countless needs.

  6. amazing word play, love the insights,

  7. How true, Prema! When the mind's all clogged and jammed up, have a pause. A freshness will counter the clutter. Brilliant thoughts!


  8. Just beautiful- and so very true...we need to remember that- pause and it will all be revealed...Great prompt choice as well- thanks!

  9. Nice prompt...
    Right way to live...
    Excellent way to write!