Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Tiny Power

An elephant lost its way,
And from the jungle track,
Landed up to a city road.

There he met a small puppy.
Tired & frightened, told his plight.

The puppy said unto him,
“Do not be afraid my friend.
Fear does not help us in any way.
Faith & Trust shall lead us on the right path
And help to reach home safe……
Come hold my tail, let me help you get your way.”

The courage and confidence of the tiny creature
The elephant admired….
And instantly agreed.

Together they walked on the silent road,
The moon & stars smiling at them
And showing their light guiding them!



  1. lovely story,

    naturally told.

  2. Nice poem, Prema. I just read some of your other poems. They were simple but unique in their own way. Shall come back to read more of them.

  3. A story well said. Melodious and Inspiring good values.

  4. A lovely story with an important message ... do not always judge the physical stature because even the smallest creatures have inner power !

  5. Very nice inspirational story.

  6. Lovely lesson in a beautiful story,for grown-ups too...
    Lovely flow!

  7. all were lovely but my favorite is Surrender it was wonderful!

  8. Surrender...by far my favorite. But all of them are wonderful and very unique writing!