Friday, December 28, 2012

An Angel...

Ten years of our marriage,
And you have known me…
As if for ages!

Eve of New Year,
Eager for your prize,
Ever for me a surprise,
May be a long drive…, or a bon-fire…
…a nature ride…, or a trek to a peak…
The wings of my zeal only to soar high.

As the morning dawned…
We started off with a bong,
You took me to an old mansion,
Children playing on the lawn…

Out came a nun, a small girl holding hand,
Her parents, I was told were victims of a bomb.
I stretched out my arms as she gazed me upon
And... she cuddled unto mine…!

A daughter for me along with my son…
 …Indeed you could always read,
My words unrevealed  & thoughts unspoken …

Driving home back as you were smiling on,
My heart over whelm for the cute little charm

A gift best than the best… of I imagine…!


  1. "A gift best than the best… of I imagine…!"

    Yes, indeed.

    Beautiful poem.

  2. so beautiful Preml..!