Monday, December 31, 2012

Eve of New Year

 Conscious … 

Watching the universe,
Through Windows of my eyes...

Magnificence & significance,
Of Utter ‘Joys & Pains’,
As one experience…,
Are mere accidents…!

Absolute distinct to ‘The Real Existence’…!



We dance and funk,
Smile and sink

…Watching over …
Emotions sublime and huge
Pardons and Gratitudes

Fears … and madness
Tears … and Laughter
Pride… and disaster

As Moments…pass over…,

Yet another year
To create new hopes,
And to live new dreams!


  1. Lovely poetry and Happy New Year to you ^_^

    (A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

  2. Yet another year
    To create new hopes,
    And to live new dreams!
    ....this is what...we could live for..

  3. And the new year has almost arrived. I really like the last verse, so hopeful and upbeat.

    I wish you the best year ever PremI !!!

    Hugs, G

    PS: These word verification codes are getting to be even more annoying. FYI, I took mine off months ago and haven't had any problems at my blogger blogs.

  4. A wonderful poem for the new year!

  5. Excellent poems. May hopes and dreams come true for you, your family and all.

  6. Beautiful poems. I love your New Year's poem entitled Watching. The rhyme and flow of every line was enjoyable to read.