Monday, December 3, 2012


Then… as a child,

They loved me and cared for.
They happily received and accepted,
My love & my flaw…
They heartily admired and enjoyed,
My goodness & my naughtiness…

No power plays… or ego clash…

…Now that I am grown up,
     Why are they different...?

My love for them is still the same…

Will I ever get them back…?
Will they ever understand me?

The yearning of a grown up child…!


  1. oh the dynamics of families...

  2. Yes, those dynamics are strange indeed. nice one.

  3. This is full of emotions ... really touched the heart !!!

  4. yes, sometimes hard to understand these shifts. so true.

  5. What a tender poem. Growing up can bring new challenges but may love abide. Nicely written.

  6. Nice viewpoint revelation of the 'yearnings' of the grown-up child.
    On the surface each of my five seems to be different from the others.

  7. We just have to try a bit harder maybe to make the connections alive :)

  8. it took many years for my parents to finally respect me... for who I am, just as I am. They still don't always "get" me... but they love me for the woman I've become.... sometimes our parents have to mature into loving us as adults.

  9. I agree with Laura and will add that we too learn to keep CHILD in us alive. Wonderful write.